Landlord's Guide

Leasing your property not only generates additional income but also allows you to maintain ownership.

Here are some crucial steps to consider before leasing your property:

Establish a Financial Plan

Understanding the rental value of your property is the first step before leasing.

This will ensure you price it competitively in the market.

Appoint a Property Supervisor

If you own multiple properties or manage them remotely, a property supervisor can be invaluable. They can handle payment collections and property renewals on your behalf, giving you total peace of mind.

Select a Trustworthy Broker

Choosing the right broker is key to successfully leasing your property. Look for a reputable brokerage with a strong marketing package. Features like professional photography, online presence, and an active network can help your property stand out in this competitive market.

Consider Exclusive Listings

Exclusive listings can give brokers the confidence to invest more time and resources into marketing your property, helping you achieve the best results.

Sign a No Objection Certificate (NOC)

To list your property, all registered owners need to sign a RERA listing form. This document gives brokers permission to market your property. Brokers will typically ask for a copy of the title deeds and your ID for this process.

Prepare Your Property for Viewing

The first impression is crucial when marketing your property. Ensuring that your property is clean and well-presented can significantly impact its appeal to potential tenants.

We hope these steps provide a clear path for you to start leasing your property. We're here to help you every step of the way!

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