Tenant's Guide


Follow our simple step by step guide to renting a property and have a stress free experience finding your new home.

1. Decisio on area and housing type

Determine what type of property you want to rent as there are multiple options available: apartment, villa, townhouse, or penthouse, and then pick a location that best meets your needs.

2. Set a budget

budgeting for your dream house is important. Make sure you have factored in monthly running costs such as DEWA and other utilities, and be aware of all upfront costs associated with the move such as deposit, upfront rent, DEWA connection, removals and commissions.

3. Choose Your Real Estate / Agent

Choose a Real Estate/Agent that you can trust to be with you throughout the process and to show you several properties based on your budget and interests.

4. Documentation
  • Valid Passport and copy
  • Valid UAE Visa and copy
  • Valid Trade License (for company)
  • Cheque book

You will need to register the tenancy contract with Ejari which is a modern online registration system that ensures full protection of rights to all parties involved in a property lease agreement and pay for it.

5. Rental Payments

The landlord demands the first cheque at the time of signing the contract, and all subsequent checks are post-dated. Make sure the payment conditions are specified properly and that everyone agrees on them.

6. Other Payments

Tenants pay a deposit of 5% of the annual rent to the landlord as a security deposit. Real Estate Agencies also charge 5% of the annual rent as their agency fee. Once all of this is done, a tenancy contract is drawn up stating property details, payment terms, and details of the landlord and tenant.